Costa Rica Fishing is World Class

Costa Rica Fishing is World Class

Welcome to Costa Rica Fishing! As many of you already know Costa Rica is one of the top fishing destinations in the World.  It is the place to go for world-class sportfishing for a large number of reasons. Through the years, this small country has risen within the ranks to become the top place to go for fishing. It is perhaps among the best locations on the planet for large game fish. Numerous record breaking fish  have been caught here over the years.


Fishing in Costa Rica is the experience of a lifetime!


Costa Rica or Rich Coast as it is literally translated says it all. The abundance of natural resources on the coastline is truly amazing. With large mangrove systems and jungle rivers emptying into the Oceans Costa Rica fishing is without a doubt on the top of my list for destinations.


Sportfishing in Costa Rica

Home to competitions such as the Los Sueños Triple Crown and the Offshore World Championship the country of Costa Rica has written a place for itself in the fishing history books for sports fishing. It is the place to go for sailfish and marlin. During the last few years these two competitions have taken multiple records. Numerous sport fishing magazines, adventure shows, as well as ESPN have started to arrive in Costa Rica to film and take part in the exciting experience of fishing Costa Rica.


Why is fishing in Costa Rica World Class?

We are seeing lots of buzz lately over marlin fishing in Costa Rica. Over the last several  years a large number of yachts and open fisherman have been visiting the offshore seamounts. They are reeling in enormous numbers of blue marlin. We now have a number of high end boats now offering this option, which is an incredible opportunity for those visiting. We can help arrange these tours for you. It is an opportunity not to be missed.

Rooster and reef fishing are wonderful options for anglers who prefer to fish inshore waters. This could be done any season and is proven to be more action-packed than offshore fishing. Pound for pound I think the roosterfish may be among the toughest fighting fish in the ocean. It’s very exciting for children and families because it provides more hands on opportunity for the younger and inexperienced with the inshore conditions and species.

Not only does Costa Rica fishing provide offshore, reef, and inshore opportunities it is also home to great tarpon fishing. The areas of  Parismina and Barro del Colorado play host to some of the best tarpon fishing on the planet. There are several top class fishing lodges here you can visit. It is an opportunity not to be missed. You can also pursue freshwater species like guapote, machaca, alligator gar, and roncadora on Lake Arenal and the Río Savegre.  The Caño Negro wetlands is host to a number of rivers and lakes which make for incredible freshwater fishing as well.  They are all great locations for anglers searching for different things and may be easily combined with other events or tours while fishing Costa Rica.


Sportfishing Locations in Costa Rica

So what’s the scoop on the best time of year to visit Costa Rica for some incredible fishing? And what regions are the best to visit to catch that elusive species you have always wanted to reel in?


The fishing is honestly excellent all year round!

The true secret to some great fishing trip is ensuring you’re in the best area of the country in the proper time. Also, there are several  locations to decide upon as well as which lodge or guide you want to use.


Fishing in the Northern Pacific Zone

The North Pacific Region of Costa Rica mainly encompasses the Nicoya Peninsula and on up towards the border of Nicaragua. From December to March, things can be hard here. El region is severely affected by the Papagayo winds, which blow off Lake Nicaragua and blow East crossing over Costa Rica. Over these several weeks, the winds can blow 15-20 knots, making for inadequate fishing conditions offshore. If you have a trip planned during this time you can take advantage of the famous inshore fishing on the Papagayo Gulf. It is home to the largest roosterfish caught in the country, so makes for an excellent day out on the water.

June through October things really start to warm up here. The winds have died down and also the seas are calmer. It is now time of the year in which sailfish begin to show up in large numbers. Marlin, tuna, and dorado or mahi will also appear and all make for excellent fishing. During this time of the year you can catch all species on any given day. This is among the best areas to focus on the pelagic species at the same time.

May and November are the in between months and you can generally catch many species in most parts of the country. They are good times of the year to visit as prices can be lower depending on several factors.


Costa Rica Fishing in the Central & South Pacific Zones

The Southern and Central Pacific Region runs from Jacó and the Los Sueños marina all the way down to Golfito. It includes the Osa Peninsula where there has been more world records caught than any other area of the country. It is still relatively wild and unspoiled with a large mangrove ecosystem to sustain large numbers of fish. Throughout the months of December through April it is generally sailfish and marlin that we are after. On certain good days we see double-digit sailfish releases. Records are know to be broken all the time during the fishing tournaments during thsi period. You can expect relatively flat, calm seas, great weather and incredible offshore fishing during this season.

From June to August the region is known for a number of species that can be pursued. Tuna will begin to appear and marlin arrive in larger numbers. You will still catch lingering sailfish and mahi or dorado as it is called here is plentiful. Many captains may also spend some time targeting snapper, grouper, roosterfish along with other reef dwelling species. The choice is yours during this time of the year, so take advantage of it.

In September and October things slow down a little because the weather conditions are typically wet and the situation deteriorates offshore. Many of the charters make use of this time for you to do their annual maintenance and prepare for the following season.

As mentioned previously above May and November are the in between months. Decent all around fishing in many areas of Costa Rica. Don’t pass up the chance to visit.


Freshwater Fishing in Costa Rica

Freshwater fishing is actually good all year long due to the tropical climate found here. The good thing about this fishing style is the fact that anybody can perform it and it is offered in many regions of Costa Rica.  It may be easily integrated into any vacation in between the other tours. Lake Arenal is among the most breathtaking man-made physiques water also it sits right at the bottom of the Arenal Volcano. This lake offers pristine sights and first class light tackle fishing. It’s legendary for the guapote (rainbow or peacock bass) which may be caught throughout the year. You might also encounter a number of other species while out on the lake, such as the hard fighting machaca, blue tilapia, and mojarra.

Caño Negro is perfect for the actual adventurer. This is actually the closest you can get to the feel of the Amazon that Costa Rica has to offer. Here you are able to catch prehistoric alligator gar, freshwater tarpon, rainbow bass, machaca and even snook. There’s a closed season during alligator gar spawning which spans from April to June.

The Río Savegre is a beautiful river which runs right outside the tourist mecca of Manuel Antonio. The Río Savegre provides a fantastic fishing opportunity in Costa Rica and is ideal for fly fisherman. For many years Costa Rica was geared more towards large game fish and offshore fishing tours. That has changed and there are now other adventures to be had. We now have a combination whitewater rafting and fly fishing float trip. It will take the entire day and includes a guide. You float down the river rapids and fish while at the same time get a little adrenaline in your system. The species you can market to listed here are machaca, roncadora, and also the periodic snook as you approach closer to the Ocean. This is a great adventure not to be missed and we are glad to have it as an addition here in Costa Rica.


Fishing the Caribbean Coast

The northern Caribbean coast from Parismina north to Barra del Colorado hosts the best tarpon fishing on the planet. The tarpon fishing here is excellent year round since they do not migrate much. Much of it depends on the weather in the Caribbean which can vary depending on the tropical storms. Some months are better than others due to this as the river mouths have limited access. February through May  is a superb time for you to fish here in addition to September and October. Both of these time frames offer anglers the very best possibility of great weather and accessibility to prime fishing grounds, with September and October being the very best I find.


With so many options here in Costa Rica you cannot pass up the opportunity to get in on the action. There is fishing here for almost everybody, not matter what your skill level may be. The fishing in Costa Rica is not only for big game anglers with high end gear, although that option is always available should you so choose. If you are in the mood for a great adventure and world class fishing alongside a top rated vacation vacation, Costa Rica is awaiting you.


Come fish with us in Costa Rica!