Costa Rica Sailfishing is World Class!

Costa Rica Sailfishing is World Class!

Costa Rica sailfishing is a famous and world renown country that attracts travelers from all over

to catch some of the best sailfish in the world.  The large blue and gray finned fish can travel up to 50

knots making it the fastest fish in the ocean and the excitement that comes with it is worth the catch!


The sailfish are a good fish to catch, especially for more beginners, because they are a rather

easy fish to catch.  Part of the reason of why the sailfish is an easier catch is due to the high number of

them located in Costa Rica.  The other reason is because of the aerial display they perform upon being

hooked.  Not only is their performance great for taking pictures but the amount of energy used when

the fish is jumping out of the water quickly tires them out which  they then no longer have any energy

leftover to put up a fight when you begin to reel them in.


Costa Rica sailfishing is famous for its fishing partly because of the small size of the country,

which is only a few hours drive to both the Atlantic and Pacific coast from the Capital city of San Jose.

The Pacific side is mostly where the bigger game are located and is a hotspot for all kinds of other fishes

as well.  In fact, Costa Rica has over 40 fishing world records that have been set.  Some Costa Rican

fishing boat tours claim that the average catch of sailfish is between 5-25 fish caught per boat per day!


The best time to visit Costa Rica for sailfish are between May and September in the northern parts of

Costa Rica near Tamarindo, Papagayo Gulf, and Playas de Coco.  Then during the time periods of

November to March the Pacific southern zones of Golfito and Puerto Jimenez become the better fishing

areas.  Some of the best fishing areas of Costa Rica include: Los Suenos, Playa Herradura, and Quepos.

The low times to go fishing for sailfish on the Pacific side of Costa Rica is from September to November

and on the Caribbean side from June to July.  However, part of the reason of why people are attracted

to visit Costa Rica is because of the weather that stays warm all year round for fishing.  So, come to

beautiful Costa Rica, a fishing paradise.



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Best Fishing Snook is in Costa Rica

Best Fishing Snook is in Costa Rica

Some of the best fishing snook in the world are located in Costa Rica.  Both the Atlantic and

Pacific side are known to have an abundance of snook all year round.  Specifically, it is known, that the

best fishing snook are located on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica.  There are many kinds of snook

available in Costa Rica; the most common snook sought by anglers is the Caribbean snook.  Some of the

different kinds of snook include: the fat snook, swordspine snook, and the tarpon snook.


The best fishing snook are often found near the river mouths and sardines and blue runners

have been described to be the preferred bait.  Most of the local Costa Ricans (ticos) are often seen

fishing along the river mouths.  Sometimes small boats (pangas) are used to get as close as they can to

the shore, before the wave breaks, where there is good game as well.


An article for Outdoor Life wrote about a new world record that was recently reached in 2014

and recorded in the International Game Fishing Association (IGFA) book record.  The article describes a

Florida man by the name of Michaels who took a favorite reoccurring fishing trip to Costa Rica.  His

group caught more than a dozen fish, mostly in the 30 lb. range with two larger fish at 47 lbs. and 50

lbs., but the record breaker that Michaels caught on the Pacific Quepos side of Costa Rica weighed in at

nearly 60 lbs.!  This broke the previous record for a snook that was also caught in Costa Rica in 1991,

which weighed in at 57 lbs. and 12 ounces.  Michaels was kind enough to reveal his strategy, stating

“The new moons in March and April are when the big females stage off the beaches before they move

into the rivers to spawn … Each time, everything happens in three days.”  Michaels also noted that he

has, “experienced world class snook fishing in Costa Rica”.



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Marlin Fishing charters in Costa Rica

Marlin Fishing charters in Costa Rica

Marlin fishing charters are a well known attraction in beautiful Costa Rica. Both blue and black marlin are found in abundance in the tropical waters off Costa Rica.  The best season for marlin runs between the months of December and April. Striped marlin are also found in the waters of Costa Rica year round. The Southern Pacific zone is generally considered to be the best location to fish for these species.

Known for their amazing fight and ability to launch themselves out of the water marlin are considered to be one of the top game fish. Sizes of up to 600 pounds are caught in the area and is well known for it’s abundance of record sized fish.


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Costa Rica roosterfish charters

Costa Rica Roosterfish Charters are World Class

Costa Rica roosterfish charters are one of the top experiences while visiting our tropical paradise! Known for their excellent fight roosterfish provide both professional and amateur alike the trip of a lifetime. Come visit in down here in beautiful Costa Rica to make this a reality.

Book your Costa Rica roosterfish charter today

Roosterfish are easily identified by their silver color with black stripes and very pronounced dorsal fin that looks like a comb or fan. Down here in Costa Rica we generally see roosterfish frequently caught in the 30 to 50 pound range. We do see roosterfish in the 80 pound range as well though, and boy, what a fight you have on your hands with one that size!

The world record for roosterfish is a whopping 114 pounds, but records are made to be broken…

Roosterfish or pez gallo as they are called down here are generally found around islands, rocky outcrops, and inshore waters. We even catch them as they hunt behind the surf. A good fight can usually last anywhere from 30-45 minutes and roosterfish like to run hard and deep when on the line.

A predatory fish roosterfish will consume baitfish like mullet, herring, sardines, and blue runners.  Although you can use poppers, spinners, and even flies when fishing the best option is live bait. For the Costa Rica roosterfish we will usually use baitfish or one of the following: small bonito, rainbow runners, or ladyfish.

The optimal season to catch Costa Rica roosterfish is from June through October but we have had luck year round with this species.

Although edible we practice catch and release with the Costa Rica roosterfish. They make amazing photo ops and by releasing them we ensure future generations are able to enjoy catching such an amazing fish.


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Mahi Fishing in Costa Rica

Mahi Fishing in Costa Rica

Fishing in Costa Rica for Mahi mahi or Dorado as they call locally is among the best in the world. They are plentiful and large in size. During rainy season which runs from June to October you can fish the weed lines for schoolies and under 20 pounders. During the rest of the year you can catch larger bulls and Mahi up to about 50 pounds in the deeper waters offshore. Fishing in Costa Rica for Dorado up to 70 pounds is a realistic goal and we see that size pulled in frequently, especially during the dry season or winter. Would sure make for a nice change from that snow up north huh?

Mahi mahi or Dorado provide an excellent fight and the meat is high quality. They usually have a lifespan of about 4-7 years and grow at a fast rate, making them a great recreational fish to pursue.


Tackle used for Mahi Fishing in Costa Rica

We normally fish with lures while trolling or with ballyhoo. Light tackle near the floating trash and logs or weed lines is also common. We have found that fishing in Costa Rica with fly and live bait also work for Mahi. On a good day we have pulled 20-40 Dorado onto the boat.


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Tarpon Tackle Fishing in Costa Rica

Tarpon Tackle Fishing in Costa Rica

Fly tackle for Tarpon in Costa Rica

What tarpon tackle do you need to use down here in Costa Rica? Let’s go over what we use when trying to land these Caribbean monsters.

Tarpon on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica can be found anywhere from the backwaters to surf and offshore. Generally we catch them in about 60 feet of water, but you can find them even in water up to 160 feet in depth. If fishing inshore the bottoms are generally sandy with not a lot of debris or obstacles to get hung up on.

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