Costa Rica Fishing Vacations – Adventure Awaits

Costa Rica Fishing Vacations – Adventure Awaits

Who doesn’t like vacations? Summer vacations are the most awaited and for all the right reasons. If you are planning to go out for some adventure this season, why not consider Costa Rica fishing vacations? Imagine being out on a boat, surrounded by crystal clear water and catching fish for a meal. If this sounds interesting to you, Costa Rica fishing vacations could mean something big for you.

You may be wondering why you should go to Costa Rica when you may be able to catch fish locally. The thing is, those little fish you can catch nearby were only fun when you were a kid. In Costa Rica you can catch some record size monsters not found elsewhere. And sheer numbers of different species on the same day. You can get your lines on sailfish and giant marlin. Intrigued? Keep reading.

The areas of Flamingo and Tamarindo offer the most popular fishing spots along the North Pacific coast. At these spots, sailfish can be caught the entire year. However, the best fishing time starts from May to August because, in these days, sailfish are in huge numbers. Tuna are plentiful in Flamingo during August to October. It is not rare to see tuna of 40 to 60 pounds. You may also see groups between 200 and 400 pounds. The natural marina of Papagayo is a great place to catch roosterfish from November to March. They tend to like shorelines and are usually caught in around 60 feet of water. Marlin, dorado, and wahoo can also be caught here at different times of the year.

Sportfishing in Costa Rica is one of the major attractions. Some people also enjoy deep sea fishing. Costa Rica has become a Mecca for fishing enthusiasts. You can either go on your own or you can take one of the Costa Rica offshore fishing trips.

What We Offer

We are offering fishing trips to fishing lovers and enthusiasts at the most affordable prices. We offer sportfishing packages, fishing charters and different types of fishing trips and tours. You can take any of our tours to enjoy your vacations in an entirely unique way. We will take you to the best coasts and lakes in Costa Rica to give you the best place to catch fish. Our friendly guides will assist you in the way and they will also give you some valuable tips to catch those giant fishes.

Not only you can enjoy the tour for fishing purposes, Costa Rica is a place rich in natural beauty. You can click some of a fascinating pictures there and take those moments back with you. For people who are in love with fishing, the trips we are offering can make you live your dreams to go one on one with the giant fishes. The packages we are offering are specially designed for people of all income scales so that everyone can experience and enjoy sportfishing in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Sailfishing is World Class!

Costa Rica Sailfishing is World Class!

Costa Rica sailfishing is a famous and world renown country that attracts travelers from all over

to catch some of the best sailfish in the world.  The large blue and gray finned fish can travel up to 50

knots making it the fastest fish in the ocean and the excitement that comes with it is worth the catch!


The sailfish are a good fish to catch, especially for more beginners, because they are a rather

easy fish to catch.  Part of the reason of why the sailfish is an easier catch is due to the high number of

them located in Costa Rica.  The other reason is because of the aerial display they perform upon being

hooked.  Not only is their performance great for taking pictures but the amount of energy used when

the fish is jumping out of the water quickly tires them out which  they then no longer have any energy

leftover to put up a fight when you begin to reel them in.


Costa Rica sailfishing is famous for its fishing partly because of the small size of the country,

which is only a few hours drive to both the Atlantic and Pacific coast from the Capital city of San Jose.

The Pacific side is mostly where the bigger game are located and is a hotspot for all kinds of other fishes

as well.  In fact, Costa Rica has over 40 fishing world records that have been set.  Some Costa Rican

fishing boat tours claim that the average catch of sailfish is between 5-25 fish caught per boat per day!


The best time to visit Costa Rica for sailfish are between May and September in the northern parts of

Costa Rica near Tamarindo, Papagayo Gulf, and Playas de Coco.  Then during the time periods of

November to March the Pacific southern zones of Golfito and Puerto Jimenez become the better fishing

areas.  Some of the best fishing areas of Costa Rica include: Los Suenos, Playa Herradura, and Quepos.

The low times to go fishing for sailfish on the Pacific side of Costa Rica is from September to November

and on the Caribbean side from June to July.  However, part of the reason of why people are attracted

to visit Costa Rica is because of the weather that stays warm all year round for fishing.  So, come to

beautiful Costa Rica, a fishing paradise.



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Marlin Fishing charters in Costa Rica

Marlin Fishing charters in Costa Rica

Marlin fishing charters are a well known attraction in beautiful Costa Rica. Both blue and black marlin are found in abundance in the tropical waters off Costa Rica.  The best season for marlin runs between the months of December and April. Striped marlin are also found in the waters of Costa Rica year round. The Southern Pacific zone is generally considered to be the best location to fish for these species.

Known for their amazing fight and ability to launch themselves out of the water marlin are considered to be one of the top game fish. Sizes of up to 600 pounds are caught in the area and is well known for it’s abundance of record sized fish.


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