Sportfishing in Costa Rica – An Experience of a Lifetime

Sportfishing in Costa Rica – An Experience of a Lifetime

Costa Rica has a fishing destination for people with different preferences like saltwater or freshwater, river fishing or offshore. Bordered by the Pacific on the west and Caribbean on the east, Costa Rica has many rivers to count flowing in between. There are fish lakes and freshwater lakes of all sizes that are ideal for sportfishing in Costa Rica.

This abundance fishing venues in Costa Rica has led to several game fish records being set in the relatively small country. Costa Rica holds 89 International Game Fish Association records including a 162-pound blue marlin, and a sailfish caught on the fly.

It is a memorable experience sportfishing in Costa Rica that you can remember all your life. To make this adventure joyful, you should get the right equipment. You should make sure that you have all the safety gear and tools required to catch the fish. While fishing in the Costa Rica, you should do a little research on the season for each fish. Marlin, Sailfish, Snapper, Tuna, Dorado, Amberjack, Roosterfish, Snook, and, Dorado are all very common fishes that can be caught in the Pacific but the season differs. So, it is advisable to know about the season of each fish if you are up for some real excitement.

Besides just seasons, there are other factors as well which you need to consider. In Costa Rica, atmosphere changes in different areas as well. Some places have a longer fishing season while some have not. In Herradura, the fishing season lasts three hundred days a year. You can fish in this area in the biggest part of a year.

There are some companies offering fishing trips. Some of them offer great value to you while some are only operating to earn money. You can contact any of them to enjoy a wonderful fishing trip. If you are up for some real excitement, thrill, and adventure, you can contact us to get an opportunity of a lifetime sportfishing in Costa Rica. We offer different fishing trips for you and your family. If you are alone and want to taste the fishing adventure, we will take you to some of the fascinating places where you can enjoy fishing as well as cherish the natural beauty of Costa Rica.

Why Choose Us

When there are different companies, there should be a reason to choose us. We offer great value to our clients and take them to places which are best for fishing. We offer great Fly Fishing and freshwater fishing adventures on the many fresh water rivers located here in Costa Rica. You can either take the tours either with your family or with friends to have the best time in this heaven on earth, people call, Costa Rica. One thing is for sure, you would never have had enjoyed this much before. If you want to know more about our packages, contact us now. We would love to hear from you.

Sportfishing in Costa Rica for the Family

Sportfishing in Costa Rica – A Great Family Getaway

Family is everything for most people. These days times runs so fast we have to keep up with the quick paced world to provide for our families. In the meantime, we unknowingly, ignore our family and the bonding between us tends to become weak. Vacations provide us an excellent way to enjoy time with the family and keep the love alive. Of course, some vacations are so memorable that we keep recalling them again and again for the rest of our lives. If you are looking for something new that everyone in your family can enjoy, maybe you should consider a fishing vacation. There is no other place as beautiful as Costa Rica. It is a beautiful country with a reputation for great fishing. The diversity of fish available all year long is a great attraction for professional anglers and beginners alike. Sportfishing in Costa Rica for the Family can be a great way to enjoy time with your family and come closer.

Costa Rica is a world class place for fishing. Not only the natural beauty of the place is fascinating, the different species of fish you can catch there is also something you should experience at least once in your life. The country’s hundreds of miles of coastline make it one of the best, tourists’ favorite fishing destinations. There are different options for inshore and offshore fishing. If you have always dreamt about catching a monster fish, Costa Rica is certainly the ideal place. You can catch marlin, red snapper, tuna, dorado, and grouper. Besides these species, you can also get a closer look at whales and dolphins.

When booking a fishing vacation, you should make sure that the charter company you are choosing has a good reputation and a good safety record. There are some companies who do not meet the safety standards. Safety comes first and if the company you are choosing has not a good record, there’s no point of taking a risk and putting you and your family in danger.


Why Choose Our Charters?

If you are looking for a charter company in Costa Rica that meet all the safety standards and has the latest, state of the art boats with all the safety and fishing equipment, you are at the right place. Our company meets all the US safety standards and we know how to keep our companions safe. We offer different packages for sportfishing in Costa Rica, fishing vacations, offshore and inshore fishing. The value you get by taking any of our tour packages is something that is precious. We are committed to making your vacations memorable by taking you to the coasts that are safe for fishing and have a plethora of fishes that you can capture.

Our boats are made with the best material that can withstand the heavy air and the strong waves. The boats are also equipped with the latest fishing equipment that is needed to capture those monster sized fishes. There are different packages we are offering at very affordable prices that you can choose from. If you have some queries, feel free to contact us now.

Snook Tackle for Costa Rica

Snook Tackle for Costa Rica


Snook tackle options in Costa Rican Waters

What snook tackle should you bring down on your next trip to Costa Rica? What works best down here?

Snook are found in the surf or in the rivers and lagoons here in Costa Rica. Snook tackle is usually lighter than what you would use when tarpon fishing.  A shock leader of 40 to 60 lb. test is generally what we use here. A reel with a good drag system filled with 100 to 150 yards of line will work fine. Use 12 to 17 pound test monofilament on a 6 1/2 or 7 foot pole.

For lures we use  1/2 to 3/4 oz. Rapalas, 3/4 to 1 oz. Bucktail Jigs, Mirrolures and Top Water plugs. These all work well trying to land a nice sized snook down here.

  • Shallow Depth (under 2 ft. of water) – Topwater plugs, soft plastic jerk baits, and hard plastic suspending twitch baits
  • Mid Depth (2 ft. to 5 ft.) – Jigs, bucktails, swim baits, and small lipped crank baits
  • Deep (5 ft.+) – Heavier jigs/bucktails, swim baits, and large lipped crank baits


Fishing line used for snook fishing in Costa Rica

If fishing for snook over an open grass flat with a slow current I suggest 10-15 pound braid with a 30 pound leader. Among mangroves or docks with a slow or medium current like we find on the Caribbean side 20 pound braid and a 40 or 50 pound leader works well. Faster currents you may up it to 30 or 40 pound braided line with a heavier leader (50-80 pounds or so).


Live bait commonly used for snook fishing in Costa

This will depend on the area and live bait is not always necessary. Your guide can suggest what is available and currently working. Commonly used live bait for snook may include pilchards, shrimp, croakers, grunt, ladyfish, ballyhoo, mullet, and pinfish. Make sure to match your hook size top the bait.



Snook Tackle for Freshwater

Snook fishing in rivers and lagoons down here requires a good cast. The further back in the jungle rivers you and your guide go the more challenging it becomes. You will need to place your lure or fly well in these conditions. A 7 weight fly rod is an excellent option for Snook, Machaca, and Guapote in these rivers. For smaller fish like the mangrove snapper a 4-weight rod is a good option. Floating line with tapered leaders and popping bugs are excellent choices here.

Lightweight casting or spinning reels on a 5 or 6 foot rod are the way to go. Use a good 8 to 10 lb. test line on the reel. The jungle rivers do not allow much swing for a cast, so a shorter rod is preferred. Small popping plugs that make are noticeable for the fish and small spinner baits usually attract fish back in these rivers and lagoons.

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Costa Rica Sailfishing is World Class!

Costa Rica Sailfishing is World Class!

Costa Rica sailfishing is a famous and world renown country that attracts travelers from all over

to catch some of the best sailfish in the world.  The large blue and gray finned fish can travel up to 50

knots making it the fastest fish in the ocean and the excitement that comes with it is worth the catch!


The sailfish are a good fish to catch, especially for more beginners, because they are a rather

easy fish to catch.  Part of the reason of why the sailfish is an easier catch is due to the high number of

them located in Costa Rica.  The other reason is because of the aerial display they perform upon being

hooked.  Not only is their performance great for taking pictures but the amount of energy used when

the fish is jumping out of the water quickly tires them out which  they then no longer have any energy

leftover to put up a fight when you begin to reel them in.


Costa Rica sailfishing is famous for its fishing partly because of the small size of the country,

which is only a few hours drive to both the Atlantic and Pacific coast from the Capital city of San Jose.

The Pacific side is mostly where the bigger game are located and is a hotspot for all kinds of other fishes

as well.  In fact, Costa Rica has over 40 fishing world records that have been set.  Some Costa Rican

fishing boat tours claim that the average catch of sailfish is between 5-25 fish caught per boat per day!


The best time to visit Costa Rica for sailfish are between May and September in the northern parts of

Costa Rica near Tamarindo, Papagayo Gulf, and Playas de Coco.  Then during the time periods of

November to March the Pacific southern zones of Golfito and Puerto Jimenez become the better fishing

areas.  Some of the best fishing areas of Costa Rica include: Los Suenos, Playa Herradura, and Quepos.

The low times to go fishing for sailfish on the Pacific side of Costa Rica is from September to November

and on the Caribbean side from June to July.  However, part of the reason of why people are attracted

to visit Costa Rica is because of the weather that stays warm all year round for fishing.  So, come to

beautiful Costa Rica, a fishing paradise.



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