Five Best Fishing Resorts in Costa Rica

Five Best Fishing Resorts in Costa Rica

Los suenos resort

  1. Los Suenos Resort and Marina in Jaco is World famous and is conveniently located. Jaco is on one of the most visited beaches of Costa Rica. The marina is a good size with slips for over 200 boats. With a large number of boats in the marina and luxury accommodations it is one of the top destinations in country for fishing excursions.  There is plenty of nightlife in Jaco during the evenings should you feel like venturing out on the town. Many excursions are also available to the surrounding areas. The private condos are well appointed and there are plenty of amenities on site such as swimming pools, a spa, and numerous restaurants. There is also a golf course on site should you want to tee off.


zancudo lodge fishing

2. The Zancudo Lodge located in the Golfo Dulce was recently renovated a few years back and is now a more upscale version of the previous establishment. Arrival is usually via boat about a 15 minute ride from Golfito. The lodge is now very nicely appointed and has been upgraded in style by the new owners from San Fransisco. A fleet of 15 boats await you for a fishing experience of a lifetime. Too much fishing and you are free to borrow a kayak or surfboard to spend the day out on the water. And the on site restaurant and food at this lodge are top notch. One of our favorite lodges down here.

crocodile bay resort

3. Crocodile Bay Lodge is set on 44 jungle acres in the beautiful and environmentally diverse Osa Peninsula. Known for it’s World class inshore and offshore fishing this is a resort and experience not to be missed. Ir conditioned rooms in the middle of the jungle await you with numerous eco-tours to choose from during your downtime. With an on-site spa, and amenities such as a swimming pool and on location restaurant serving fresh locally caught fish this is a favorite among anglers worldwide.


silver king fishing lodge

4. Silver King Lodge located in Barra del Colorado on the Northern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. If snook or tarpon are what you seek this is where you will find them. Located in the second largest rainforest preserve in Central America the region is still wild and pristine. Numerous swampy areas, rivers, and mangroves make this a region rich in fish. The lodge has a swimming pool, air conditioned rooms, and a restaurant serving local dishes.


Rio Parismina fishing Lodge

5. Rio Parismina Lodge offers some of the finest tarpon fishing in the World.  Built on 50 beautiful acres of rainforest on the Parismina River this is an excellent choice for novice as well as seasoned vets. Right offshore there is a reef which abounds with fish if you catch one too many tarpon. With four IGFA records at this lodge this is not a tall tale. With nice rooms, a jacuzzi and pool, and great service this is another of our favorite fishing resorts here in Costa Rica.

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Sportfishing in Costa Rica

Sportfishing in Costa Rica

 Sportfishing in Costa Rica is an extremely exciting and popular trip to take . And with good reason, the country boasts some of the top fishing in the world. You can charter sportsfisherman and open fisherman boats in Costa Rica. There are a number of charters and guides available to help anglers catch a number of saltwater species. You have the option of conventional or flyfishing tackle. Anglers can sometimes rent a boat by themselves or as usually is the case hire a specialist guide who knows the region and surrounding waters. Costa Rica is also home to numerous fishing lodges. We can arrange your stay in one of the more exclusive ones we recommend.

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Best Fishing Snook is in Costa Rica

Best Fishing Snook is in Costa Rica

Some of the best fishing snook in the world are located in Costa Rica.  Both the Atlantic and

Pacific side are known to have an abundance of snook all year round.  Specifically, it is known, that the

best fishing snook are located on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica.  There are many kinds of snook

available in Costa Rica; the most common snook sought by anglers is the Caribbean snook.  Some of the

different kinds of snook include: the fat snook, swordspine snook, and the tarpon snook.


The best fishing snook are often found near the river mouths and sardines and blue runners

have been described to be the preferred bait.  Most of the local Costa Ricans (ticos) are often seen

fishing along the river mouths.  Sometimes small boats (pangas) are used to get as close as they can to

the shore, before the wave breaks, where there is good game as well.


An article for Outdoor Life wrote about a new world record that was recently reached in 2014

and recorded in the International Game Fishing Association (IGFA) book record.  The article describes a

Florida man by the name of Michaels who took a favorite reoccurring fishing trip to Costa Rica.  His

group caught more than a dozen fish, mostly in the 30 lb. range with two larger fish at 47 lbs. and 50

lbs., but the record breaker that Michaels caught on the Pacific Quepos side of Costa Rica weighed in at

nearly 60 lbs.!  This broke the previous record for a snook that was also caught in Costa Rica in 1991,

which weighed in at 57 lbs. and 12 ounces.  Michaels was kind enough to reveal his strategy, stating

“The new moons in March and April are when the big females stage off the beaches before they move

into the rivers to spawn … Each time, everything happens in three days.”  Michaels also noted that he

has, “experienced world class snook fishing in Costa Rica”.



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Tarpon Tackle Fishing in Costa Rica

Tarpon Tackle Fishing in Costa Rica

Fly tackle for Tarpon in Costa Rica

What tarpon tackle do you need to use down here in Costa Rica? Let’s go over what we use when trying to land these Caribbean monsters.

Tarpon on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica can be found anywhere from the backwaters to surf and offshore. Generally we catch them in about 60 feet of water, but you can find them even in water up to 160 feet in depth. If fishing inshore the bottoms are generally sandy with not a lot of debris or obstacles to get hung up on.

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