Tarpon Tackle Fishing in Costa Rica

Tarpon Tackle Fishing in Costa Rica

Fly tackle for Tarpon in Costa Rica

What tarpon tackle do you need to use down here in Costa Rica? Let’s go over what we use when trying to land these Caribbean monsters.

Tarpon on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica can be found anywhere from the backwaters to surf and offshore. Generally we catch them in about 60 feet of water, but you can find them even in water up to 160 feet in depth. If fishing inshore the bottoms are generally sandy with not a lot of debris or obstacles to get hung up on.

For tarpon tackle we recommend a 12 weight or heavier with anti-reverse reels. Rods of  9 or 10 feet with fighting butt extensions are suggested. Your reel should have a minimum of 200 yards of 30 lb. backing. Tarpon like to run hard and fast. I would also pack several sinking tip lines to get your fly down into the feeding zone.  The shock leader should be 80 to 100 lb. monofilament. As for flies we recommend from  3/0 to 6/0 in hook size.

Casting Tackle for Tarpon in Costa Rica

For reels we recommend something like the Abu Garcia 7000, a Penn jigmaster,  or something comparable. We use  20 lb. test monofilament or 30 lb. braided line with about 200 yards on the spool. Leaders should be 80 to 100 lb. monofilament. A 7′ casting rod with a long handle is excellent in these conditions. For tarpon tackles lures the rod should be able to cast 2 oz. lures or a bit heavier. The rod should be stiff enough in the backbone to set the hook hard or walk the fish around the boat but have a soft enough tip to finesse a wild fish for an extended time.

Spinning tackle requirements are very similar to casting gear here in Costa Rica. A reel with a smooth drag system and a rod with a nice stiff lower section works. Don’t hesitate to try out your own lure selections. You may have something we are not familiar with that attracts the monsters down here.

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