Costa Rica Fly Fishing

Costa Rica Fly Fishing

Costa Rica may not pop into the minds of most fishermen when you mention fly fishing. Most people associate Costa Rica with world class sports fishing. The reality is that Costa Rica fly fishing is hotter than you could ever realize.


Costa Rica has both Freshwater and Saltwater Fly Fishing

When visiting Costa Rica on your trip you have the luxury of fly fishing either fresh or saltwater. You could even fish both in the same day!  Toss in the ability to fish either the Pacific or the Caribbean and Costa Rica jockeys into a world class opportunity for fishermen. But I don’t need to tell you something you already know….


Costa Rica Fly Fishing Species

You have a number of options when you fly on down for Costa Rica fly fishing. Big favorites like marlin, snook, sailfish and tarpon are always sought after down here. Jack, permit, roosterfish, mahi, and even triggerfish can all be caught in Costa Rica with a fly. On the Caribbean side you also bonefish and other species in the shallows.

Not quite as famous is fly fishing for trout in Costa Rica. Many years ago the higher elevation jungle rivers were stocked with rainbow trout. Some US officers from the States stationed in Panama missed their fly fishing from back home and introduced the species. They have since flourished in the cooler mountain weather and live quite well with all the tropical bugs that inhabit the rain forests. The primary rivers to seek these jungle trout are the Rio Savegre, Rio Chirripo, Rio Toro and Rio Copey. These wonderful high altitude tropical trout species generally get to about 10-15 inches in length and an experienced fly fisherman should have no problem catching quite a few per day in these cool jungle rivers.


Fly Fishing Equipment

If you are an avid fly fisherman you probably already have your favorite gear. And if a novice, we will be more than happy to provide you with some.

For Saltwater I would recommend a 12-14 weight rod if you want to attempt fly fishing for sports fish like sailfish. A reel that holds 300 yards of floating line is best. If marlin strikes your fancy, I would up the rod to a 14-15 weight.

For freshwater trout fishing we recommend a number 2-3 fly rod with a 7x tippet.


Flies for Fishing Costa Rica

Flies are many times a personal choice, but depending on the species and region you are planning for your trip we will advise you on this.

Come fish Costa Rica with us!