Dorado Fishing Costa Rica

Dorado Fishing Costa Rica

Dorado Fishing Costa Rica is world class and a opportunity not to be passed up. They are plentiful down here and put up an excellent fight. The meat is also very good quality and makes for an delicious meal. There are numerous tour operators that can take you out for dorado fishing Costa Rica year round.

Dorado are commonly found all over the world in warmer and tropical waters. The species goes by a number of different names depending on the country you visit, but dolphin or mahi mahi are commonly used.  Dorado (literal translation is gold in Spanish) tends to be a unique species because of its stunning colors. They can appear to be gold, yellow, iridescent blue and green in color. They also have spots running down their sides. When caught and pulled into the boat they appear to lose all color and then change to a stunning iridescent blue. After dying they are mainly yellow in appearance.

Here in Costa Rica you can find dorado on both coasts. Schoolies (smaller dorado) can be found in-shore around islands pinnacles and along weed lines or floating ocean debris. The bigger bulls are normally situated off-shore and present a much better fight for the angler. Once hooked on your line they are known to leap and extended tail walks are a common sight during the fight.

Don’t pass up the chance to catch a few dorado while you are visiting us in Costa Rica!


Large Dorado Caught Fishing in Costa Rica



Dorado Feeding Habits

Dorado mainly prey on small pelagic species like flying fish and squid, but are also to prey on most any small fish. You can commonly find dorado along floating debris or weed lines, hiding underneath floating trees, garbage, or floating objects. Dorado will usually attack the spread from the sides which differs from the billfish down here who tend to hit it from behind.


Dorado Size in Costa Rica

Most dorado will range in size from 10-30 pounds in weight. Larger dorado in the 50-60 pound range are frequently caught as well here in Costa Rica quite often. The World record dorado was caught here in Costa Rica in 1976 and weighed in at a whopping 87 pounds! With many species the females may be larger, but dorado are different. It is the large bulls (males) that gain the heftiest size in these our waters.


Dorado Fishing Costa Rica Locations

Dorado are found all over the Costa Rican waters and on both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. Schoolies or smaller dorado are best caught around the islands or floating debris in-shore.  Larger fish are usually bets found offshore though as they are a pelagic fish. You can usually catch dorado while trolling for billfish as well as find them on underwater pinnacles in the Ocean.


Dorado Fishing Costa Rica Season

Dorado are caught year round in the tropical Costa Rican waters. Larger dorado are caught when the billfish are biting, but smaller sized sized dorados in numbers of 40-50 daily can be caught in the green season. Green season runs  from May-August down here.


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