Rainbow fish the famous Lake Arenal

Rainbow fish the famous Lake Arenal

A common fish found in the tropical fresh water lake Arenal of Costa Rica is the rainbow fish or as we call it up in the US the peacock bass. The rainbow bass is a fierce and aggressive carnivore fish that feeds off other smaller fish, insects, shrimp, and sometimes frogs. Peacock bass ambushes  its prey by first taking cover under fallen trees or other hiding spots and then darting out towards its target for the attack.

The rainbow fish or peacock bass in Costa Rica is commonly referred to as guapote (the handsome one) and has similar features as the peacock bass.  The young rainbow fish are marked with yellow streaks along its side that are spotted with a black texture like the peacock bass.  As they mature they take on a greenish blue hue and develop a bump on the top of their heads.  Their razor jagged teeth are a prominent feature throughout their entire lives.


How to fish for the rainbow fish?

Since, the rainbow fish is so well known for being a both an intelligent and fierce fighter, they often attract many people who seek to catch them as an exciting top game fish.  The taste of the meat is also said to be very delicious.  Because these fish are known for snapping lines and destroying fishing equipment, it is best to use a 12 lb. line or heavier; many fishers will prefer a 20 lb. line when fishing the rainbow.  The rainbow fish usually can be found in grassy areas feeding on shrimp or along the lake sides where the jungle meets, so a 6’6 or shorter pole is recommended in order to not get it tangled.

Although the fish is active during the daytime, usually, it is best to avoid fishing them on days that were followed by full moon periods.  The fish during these time periods will be taking cover in shallower waters in order to avoid their predators.


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