Tarpon Fishing Costa Rica

Tarpon Fishing Costa Rica is World Class!

Tarpon fishing Costa Rica is a top attraction and not to be passed by if visiting us down here.  They are an excellent fighting fish and Costa Rica is known for producing monsters. The Caribbean side has near year round tarpon fishing and when on the line you are in for an exciting fight.

Tarpon are normally found in the warm shallow tropical waters of the Atlantic in the Caribbean. The tropical coasts of Africa also has a good tarpon population. This prehistoric fish goes back towards the age of dinosaurs and as mentioned above is one of the most exciting game fish on the planet. The main reason they’re targeted is straightforward – they’re challenging to land and provide plenty of action. Once hooked, tarpon are known  to leap as much as ten ft from the water and run hard and fast until they tire themselves out. It is really an all out fighting fish and tons of fun to catch.


More about Tarpon Fishing Costa Rica

Correctly nicknamed “the silver king” the tarpon is definitely identifiable by its size, pronounced lower jaw, and vibrant silver coloring. Tarpon are lined with large, shiny silver scales which are as big as silver dollars. Their jaws are nearly entirely made from bone and their gill plates are razor sharp. This adds to the challenge of hooking into one and keeping them on the line.

Tarpon naturally feast upon a number of species including crabs, shrimp, mullet, smaller reef fish, as well as baby turtles. It normally won’t always bite their prey, but rather swallow it whole with a giant sucking gasp. They may be caught with trolling with live bait, casting with spoons and plugs, jigging, as well as fly fishing. Read more about tackle on this page.

Tarpon in Costa Rica are large in comparison with other parts around the globe. They can get up to around  80-100 pounds in weight normally. Each year anglers land tarpon over 200 lbs here, and the world record at 286 lbs was caught right on the border of Costa Rica.


Tarpon Fishing Costa Rica Locations

Tarpon fishing Costa Rica opens up numerous possibilities. You can fish for them Tarpon all up and down the Caribbean coast. You will also find them in inland waterways like freshwater rivers and lagoons. Tarpon can “gulp” air from the top of water, which enables them to swim upstream into brackish and freshwater areas. This is where they  breed & spawn without threat from other predators. The very best spots for tarpon would be the northeast Caribbean Coast and also the Cano Negro Reserve. There are some great fishing lodges on that coast.


Best Season for Tarpon Fishing Costa Rica

Tarpon can be found year round in Costa Rica as they do not migrate. The fishing seasons depend more on the  elements and seas conditions rather than the fish. The very best months are late January to early June as well as from September to early November. This is the dry season in the Caribbean.  Some months are generally too rained out with tropical storms to provide quality fishing. These include the months of January, July, August, and December.